The Project


  • Adobe XD
  • Vue.js

In the first half of my Master’s study I was assigned to a group project, which had to be linked to Industry 4.0. Together with my colleagues we chose to implement a stock management software called Stoctopus.

Stoctopus is an intelligent stock management tool for small and medium sized enterprises. The cross-platform application can be used both in a browser and as a mobile app on iOS and Android. A core feature is the scanner, which is able to recognize EAN codes and subsequently gives the user the possibility to either create a new product or log a delivery. Additionally the tool gives an overview of all products, deliveries, stock, user management and company settings. A label printer is also integrated into Stoctopus to print barcodes. Another key feature of Stoctopus is the Asset tracking of deliveries using RFID Sensors.

I was responsible for organizing the project fundings. With the fundings we bought RFID scanners, label printers and software for the development process. Before coding the Frontend, mockups were generated with Adobe XD.

I chose to develop the Frontend exclusively for this project. The Frontend was built using ​Vue.js​ in its latest version. The decision to use this Framework was made to the fact that it is both lightweight and flexible. Also the store implementation Vuex​ is fairly simple to implement compared to other state-management solutions. Visually, ​Vuetify​ provides the color theme adjustment and all sorts of prebuilt​ Vuetify components​ such as data tables, inputs and a side drawer. One of the harder tasks was to find a fitting library for the EAN code scanner. Eventually we settled on the Scandit library which turned out to be incredibly accurate.